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“Extract” – Not the Vanilla Kind

Extract Poster -- Image courtesy of Reelmovienews.com

Extract Poster -- Image courtesy of Reelmovienews.com

From the creator of “Office Space” comes a new comedy called “Extract”. “Extract” stars Jason Bateman (“Juno”) who plays Joel, the owner of an extract company, who is trying to deal with his personal and professional problems while another company expresses interest in buying his company. In the same fashion of “Office Space”, Joel is a typical normal guy who you can relate to. He started his company from the ground-up, his marriage has issues, and he has a gaggle of quirky employees. Everything changes when an unfortunate accident occurs on the job-site which can bankrupt the company. Also a new temp named Cindy (Mila Kunis, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) stirs things up at the workplace and Joel turns to his friend Dean (Ben Affleck, “He’s Just Not That Into You”) for advice for all of things going on in his life.

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