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“Half-Blood Prince” DVD arriving on Dec. 8th

Source: Comingsoon.net

Mark your calendars and update your Christmas/Holiday Wish Lists! “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” will hit Blu-Ray and DVD on December 8, 2009. Check out the cover art on Comingsoon.net


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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series and I would consider it one of the best books of the series. So what did I think of the movie? I really liked it. There were some creative changes made in the movie that weren’t in the book, but I thought it worked for character development and ultimately a good setup for the last movie, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, which will be split into two parts.

Synopsis via IMDB.com:
In the sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, and in both wizard and muggle worlds Lord Volemort and his henchmen are increasingly active. With vacancies to fill at Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore persuades Horace Slughorn, back from retirement to become the potions teacher, while Professor Snape receives long awaited news. Harry Potter, together with Dumbledore, must face treacherous tasks to defeat his evil nemesis.

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Harry Potter 6 already up $22.2 million

Source: Variety.com

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” opens today, July 15, 2009. The sixth installment of the film franchise has already made $22.2 million dollars from its midnight showing alone. Wow! Very promising…I can’t wait to see this film! ūüôā

Read the full article here.

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Extended Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Clip! – ComingSoon.net

A new exclusive 2-minute clip of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” has premiered on iTunes. The clip is introduced by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.

Description of the scene:
Dumbledore gives provisions to Harry before they head to the cave.

Check it out here in HD: Extended Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Clip! – ComingSoon.net

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Summer Movie Season: July 2009

filmreelJuly is almost upon us, so what potential blockbusters are waiting in the wings? Two words: Harry Potter. I cannot wait to see this film! The trailers and clips look amazing and the book is awesome! Potter fans unite! If you haven’t read the books, or have yet to see any of the movies…you need to see this film! “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” is one of the best books of the Harry Potter series and the film is going to be epic (if done right).

Other films that will challenge for top of the box office, in my opinion, will include “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”, “Bruno” starring Sasha Baron Cohen (“Borat”), and “Public Enemies” starring Johnny Depp (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard (“La vie en rose”). There are a few comedies and romantic comedies to look out for including “I Hate Valentine’s Day” which reunites the stars of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Nia Vardalos has also written and directed this film, so I am intrigued. Heroes’ star Hayden Panettiere is Beth Cooper in the book to movie adaptation of “I Love You, Beth Cooper” by Larry Doyle (“The Simpsons”). Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”ÔľČand Gerard Butler (“300”) pair up on screen for “The Ugly Truth”, which looks like a cross between “Someone Like You” meets “Broadcast News”. Judd Apatow’s latest film, “Funny People”, starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan will be in theaters at the end of the month which looks to be both funny and possibly a tear jerker. What kind of summer would it be if there wasn’t an animated comedic cartoon by Disney? Disney’s “G-Force” in 3D will be premiering later in the month.

Two movies of note are “In the Loop” and “(500) Days of Summer”.¬† Both movies were¬†official selections¬†at the¬†Sundance Film Festival this year. “In the Loop” looks hilarious and “(500) Days of Summer” looks really cute and it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“3rd Rock from the Sun”) and Zooey Deschanel (“Yes Man”). To find out the complete list of July releases, click to continue reading on.

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The Magic of “Merlin” was not quite magical


Colin Morgan as "Merlin" - Image courtesy of NBC.com

Yesterday, June 21, 2009, was the series premiere of “Merlin” on NBC and I have to say…I wasn’t quite impressed. The trailers and clips made the show seem “magical” so I was a bit underwhelmed after watching the premiere. Coupled with the premiere of “Merlin” was the promise of showing an exclusive clip of the upcoming movie, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”. Unfortunately, this was not exactly a “new” clip – it was just an extended clip of a scene from the movie’s many trailers that was shown at the MTV Movie awards recently. The scene is the memory of Dumbledore’s first meeting with the young Tom Riddle for which he wants Harry to see. For those who missed the clip; it can be seen here.

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Series Premiere of “Merlin” with exclusive Half-Blood Prince footage

The Cast of NBCs Merlin - Photo courtesy of NBC.com

The Cast of NBC's Merlin - Photo courtesy of NBC.com

This Sunday, June 21, 2009, “Merlin” will be premiering on NBC at 8 p.m. EST.¬† This rendition of “Merlin” will feature a young Merlin played by Colin Morgan as he discovers his destiny is intertwined with the future King of Camelot, Prince Arthur (Bradley James).¬† Other cast members include: Anthony Head (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) as King Uther, Richard Wilson as Gaius, Katie McGrath as Morgana, and Angel Coulby as Gwen.¬† Tied into the premiere will be an exclusive look of the upcoming film release of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. (Yay! :)) I think both the “Merlin” series premiere and the new Harry Potter footage is definitely worth checking out. Check your local listings on TVGuide.com to see when the series premiere of “Merlin” is playing in your area.

Missed the Harry Potter clip? See it here with my review of the series premiere of “Merlin”.


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