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“New Moon” tickets, sold out already?

Twilight Saga: New Moon -- Image courtesy of MTV.com

Twilight Saga: New Moon -- Image courtesy of MTV.com

Source: Zap2it.com

The theatrical premiere for the highly anticipated follow-up to “Twilight” is two months away, so is it true that “New Moon” tickets have been selling out already? It is true in some places. Although the majority of the shows that are sold out are the midnight showings. If you are still scratching your head on this one, I would say investigate for yourself. When I first heard this news, I wondered to myself “seriously…how can that be”? So I actually went onto Fandango.com and Movietickets.com and performed a search in my area and sure enough, it was quite true. Now I wouldn’t fret too much because this article is stating only “some” places are sold out not all theaters. Besides there are plenty of movie times to go to after the midnight showings. Some may want to be the first to see the movie (which is perfectly fine), but for me…”I’ll see it when I see it.”

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