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Smallville Season 9 Promo Trailer!

Source: EW – Ausiello Files

**UPDATE: Smallville Season 9 Promo Trailer – “Vigilante” has now been embedded below.**

A brand new trailer for “Smallville” Season 9 has emerged and Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive look at the new promo trailer! Watch the full trailer after the rundown!

Here is the rundown of the full trailer:

The screen is dark and we hear Tom Welling’s (Clark Kent) voice narrate:
Clark Kent: “There is no Clark Kent”.

Clark is on top of a building sporting a new black trench coat outfit with a familiar “S” logo across his chest.

Clark Kent: “I wear the symbol to remind myself that I have a different destiny.”

::Fade In:: The September 25 Premiere Date appears. ::Fade Out::
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Smallville Season 9 Sneak Peek

Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville - Image courtesy of CWTV.com

Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville - Image courtesy of CWTV.com

Can you believe that “Smallville” is heading into its 9th season? I’ve watched “Smallville” from the beginning and in my opinion, Season 8 was the best season ever and the finale was certainly a cliffhanger. A sneak peek of Season 9 premiered at Comic-Con and I am definitely looking forward to the premiere. Some of the footage includes our first look at Zod played by Callum Blue (“The Tudors”) and Metallo played by Brian Austin Green (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”).

According to TV by the Numbers, the Season 9 premiere of “Smallville” is set for September 25, 2009. Mark your calendars! 🙂

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