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New “Alice in Wonderland” Trailer

Video Source: Yahoo! Movies
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Check out the new trailer for Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” directed by Tim Burton. You can also watch the teaser trailer here.

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Fall Movie Season: September 2009


The summer is almost over and with that comes the Fall. Leaves changing and cool breezes, but hopefully the Fall will bring on the heat in the box office. The month of September is a mix of genres. Early in the month we have Sandra Bullock’s latest rom-com “All about Steve” with “Hangover” star Bradley Cooper. Bullock is a stalker who is obsessed with Steve played by Cooper. Just based on the trailer, I have a feeling it is either going to be a hit or a miss. Gerard Butler switches back to the action genre and stars in the “Gamer” where it isn’t just a game, but the players fight to survive. The animated Sci-Fi thriller “9” comes out this month as well. The film was produced by Tim Burton (“Sweeny Todd”) and “Wanted” director Timur Bekmambetov. Toward the middle of the month we have a few horror films with “Jennifer’s Body” written by Academy Award winner Diablo Cody (“Juno”) starring “Transformers” star Megan Fox and Amanda Segfried (“Mamma Mia”). Also “Sorority Row” promises to scare audiences but it kind of looks like “I Know What You Did Last Summer” but with sorority girls. The family pick of the month would be “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” which is going to be in 3D. Hmm…3D meatballs falling from the sky, I don’t know if that it is scary or just plain funny. At the end of the month the remake of “Fame” hits theaters which could be a hit with the growing popularity of dance shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars”. Then there’s Bruce Willis’ latest film “Surrogates”, which is a Sci-Fi film where people don’t live their lives, machines surrogates live life for them.

My spotlight picks of the month go to “The Informant!” starring a big-boned Matt Damon and “Extract”. Damon gained thirty pounds for the role and it looks like it is going to be funny. The film is directed by Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic”) who also directed “Ocean’s Trilogy”. “Extract” was written and directed by”Office Space” creator Mike Judge. Could “Extract” be the Fall’s “Hangover”?

So that’s my recap of the September movie releases. Keep reading in order to see the complete list of movies coming out this month.

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“Alice in Wonderland” – Teaser Trailer

Source: Comingsoon.net

Check out the new teaser trailer for Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” directed by Tim Burton. The cast stars Johnny Depp (The Mad Hatter), Helena Bonham Carter (The Red Queen), Anne Hathaway (The White Queen), and Stephen Fry (Cheshire Cat). Full cast list can be found on IMDB.com. “Alice in Wonderland” will open in theaters on March 5, 2010 in Disney 3D. For more information on the movie, visit the “Alice in Wonderland” official website. I must say…this looks better than I thought it would.

Description of the teaser trailer:
Alice (Mia Wasikowska), who is now 19 years old, returns to Wonderland where she meets all of her childhood friends including the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter.

Click to Continue: Alice in Wonderland Teaser Trailer

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