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LEGO – The Movie?

Source: Variety

Your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, a LEGO movie is in the works and the studio bringing the movie to the big screen is Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers has licensed some of its characters (i.e. Batman) to the Lego franchise and in 2007 bought in with TT Games, the video game publisher, who are responsible for producing the popular “Lego” video game line including “Lego Star Wars”, “Lego Indiana Jones”, and “Lego Batman”. According to Variety, the film has been in development for more than a year and Dan Lin will be producing the film through Lin Pictures.

Leo has made direct-to-DVD movies before, but can a theatrical release for LEGO’s and LEGO people be successful in terms of domestic and world-wide box offices? Who knows…perhaps we may be seeing a Sims movie not too far behind.

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Astro Boy and news from the cast

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Kristen Bell (“Veronica Mars”) and Freddie Highmore (“The Spiderwick Chronicles”) talk to Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly at the Comic-Con convention about “Astro Boy” and their upcoming projects.

In addition to promoting “Astro Boy”, Kristen Bell mentioned that the possibility of a “Veronica Mars” movie may not happen unless Warner Bros. decides to fund it, but yet the possibility of guest spotting on “Gossip Girl” (she is the voice of Gossip Girl) is not entirely out of the question. As for Freddie Highmore, he mentions in the interview a few of his upcoming projects so check out the full interview below.

Video courtesy of EW.com

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Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern!

Source: Comingsoon.net

It’s official! Ryan Reynolds has been cast as the Green Lantern! The Green Lantern is a DC Comics hero and the movie is scheduled for a June 17, 2011 release. In a previous post, I mentioned that I can see Reynolds as the Green Lantern, but I thought since he was already starring in the X-Men Origins spinoff Deadpool – that there could’ve been some filming conflicts. I guess there isn’t. Other front-runners for the role were Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake, and my personal pick was Henry Cavill who was also screen tested for the role as well. Read the full post here.

Check out the full article here: Ryan Reynolds Lands Green Lantern! – ComingSoon.net

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Who will be the “Green Lantern”?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Ryan Reynolds has been cast as the Green Lantern. Read the full post here.

The latest comic book to movie adaptation looks to be the “Green Lantern”. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. have three front-runners in mind. They are Bradley Cooper (“The Hangover”), Ryan Reynolds (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”), and Justin Timberlake. Other candidates mentioned include Henry Cavill (“The Tudors”) and Jared Leto.

Interesting choices for the Green Lantern. Upon first glance, I would say Ryan Reynolds would look the part but considering he will be starring in the X-Men Origins spin off Deadpool – there could be some filming conflicts. In my opinion, Bradley Cooper has really emerged as a rising star in Hollywood within the past few years. His latest movie, “The Hangover”, has already grossed $210 million domestically and a sequel is already in the works according to this Variety article. I believe Cooper’s breakout role was on the ABC show “Alias” starring Jennifer Garner. “Alias” is one of my all-time favorite shows and I’m glad that the show’s alumni have really done well after the show ended in 2006. As far as Justin Timberlake, I don’t know if I see him as a super hero. I can understand the commercial appeal of choosing him, Timberlake has starred in some dramas (i.e. “Alpha Dog”) and comedies (i.e. “The Love Guru”), but I don’t know if he’s a fit for the role. On the other hand, I can totally picture Henry Cavill as the Green Lantern. Cavill has been linked to many super hero roles including Superman before Brandon Routh was ultimately chosen for “Superman Returns”. Stephenie Meyer, author of the “Twilight” book series, mentioned on her official website that Cavill was part of her dream cast before Robert Pattinson was cast as Edward Cullen for the movie. Cavill is currently starring as Charles Brandon, on the TV series “The Tudors”.

As with all the other super hero franchises, you need someone that can carry a franchise (i.e. sequels, merchandising, etc.) so my vote goes toward Henry Cavill! What do you think?

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