Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Hunger”

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Cara unexpectedly dies, but in order to protect the Seeker she strikes a deal with Darken Rahl and agrees to become a baneling in order to rejoin the living at a price. “Hunger” is the twelfth episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker”.


Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara continue their quest when a woman seeks the Seeker’s help in order to find her husband who was kidnapped along with many others. Innocent people were being kidnapped with the intent of being sold to banelings who need to kill in order to stay alive. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara are on the trail of the kidnappers when they are attacked. Richard sends Cara to go after one of the escaped kidnappers while the others hold down the fort. Cara is ambushed and the kidnapper is able to slit Cara’s throat. Cara is able to get the location of where the kidnappers are holding the hostages but she dies and awakes in the underworld.
  • Cara calls for Darken Rahl and states that she wants the Keeper’s offer to become a baneling. Darken Rahl is reluctant to give her the Keeper’s offer as she has sided with the Seeker. Cara convinces him that it doesn’t matter who she sides with as long as she keeps her end of the bargain and kill for the Keeper. Darken Rahl concedes and states that he will make the offer but he gives her provisions. As a baneling, you can only kill the living not other banelings. Kills cannot be racked up, you need to kill someone everyday. Once you kill someone, the clock starts to tick again until your next kill. Also as a baneling, Cara loses the breath of life power. Cara accepts the terms and she returns to the world as a baneling.
  • Cara returns to the others when Richard notices the blood on her neck. Cara states that it wasn’t her blood but it was the another person’s blood. She tells Richard and the others the location of where the hostages are being kept.
  • Thaddicus, Zedd’s brother, heads to a village where he meets Sebastian (Ted Raimi) and tries to sell some items from his trunk. Sebastian is not interested until he finds Shadow water amongst the items in the trunk. Sebastian tries to buy the Shadow water cheap, but Thaddicus recognizes that it is valuable and he proposes to become Sebastian’s business partner.
  • Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara invade the hostage camp and they take out most of the banelings. Cara starts to get desperate when none of the people they killed were living. One of the banelings explains that they were paying for people to kill in order to stay alive. While Richard and Kahlan step away, the baneling notices that Cara’s face starts to decay. She asks Cara why she agree to become a baneling, and Cara says that she did it in order to protect the Seeker. The woman states that she became a baneling in order to take care of her child, however, she was tired of the senseless killing.
  • Richard and Kahlan return and they question the baneling and the baneling reveals that talk of a baneling cure was being sold by a magic peddler. Zedd is skeptical and believes that they have encountered this peddler before.
  • Meanwhile, Sebastian and Thaddicus are selling the shadow water and selling out fast to the point where Sebastian dilutes some of the shadow water with regular water. However they quickly find out that the diluted shadow water temporarily works.
  • Cara continues to hide the fact that she is a baneling and she tries to only kill bad people like D’Haran soldiers.
  • Richard and the others find Thaddicus and Sebastian and they ask Sebastian to make a magical map in order to lead them to the source of the shadow water. Thaddicus wants to right his wrongs and asks to join their search for the shadow water.
  • While camping during the night, Cara is visited by Darken Rahl and he warns her that she didn’t provide a soul and he suggests to kill Thaddicus. Cara grows a bit desperate and she attempts to kill Thaddicus but she can’t. The others discover that Cara is a baneling and she said she only took the Keeper’s deal in order to protect Richard. Thaddicus thanks Cara for sparing his life, but seeing the importance of Cara’s role in their journey – he pulls a dagger that Cara was holding and sacrifices himself.
  • Thaddicus awakes in the underworld and is tortured by Darken Rahl in order to find out where the source of the shadow water is located.
  • Meanwhile Richard and Cara run toward the shadow water source with Zedd and Kahlan right behind them while carrying Thaddicus’s body. Darken Rahl opens a rift right under the source and the shadow water is quickly draining away. Richard reaches for some shadow water and has Cara drink it from his hand. Cara is able to drink enough to cure her and she is able to get her magic back and give Thaddicus the breath of life. Thaddicus is alive!
  • Cara and Kahlan have a chat and Kahlan admits that she might’ve done what Cara did if their roles were reversed. Kahlan acknowledges that Cara’s intentions were in the right place.
  • Richard and the others continue their journey while Thaddicus resorts to his old ways and tries to sell the mud from the shadow water source with Sebastian claiming that it regrows hair.

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