Smallville Season 9: “Idol”

David Gallagher as Zan and Allison Scagliotti as Jayna in SMALLVILLE -- Image via CWTV

Guest stars David Gallagher (Zan) and Allison Scagliotti (Jayna) are the Wonder Twins! The Wonder Twins have arrived and they are causing all sorts of problems for the Blur aka Clark Kent with the District Attorney to the point where Clark might just have to come forward and reveal himself as the Blur.


The episode opens with Lois waking up next to Clark in the barn and as she goes to look out the window Clark comes up behind hide whispering to her that “he wishes they had more time” and they kiss as you see the red sun burning outside the window. Back at the Daily Planet Clark notices that Lois is staring off into space as she recollects this “dream”. She snaps out of it and Clark proceeds to ask about her unexpected vacation which was coincidentally after they kissed. Lois admits that she left out of instinct and Clark suggests that they talk about “the kiss” but Lois gets embarrassed and starts to blush. They avoid “the talk” when a large package with a bow arrives for Lois. Lois and Clark open the package to find men tied up inside. It turns out the men were undercover cops and someone mistook them for being criminals and it screwed up their case. Lois and Clark talk among themselves and ask who could’ve done this as a commotion stirs outside. They proceed to the window and find the Blur’s signature “S” across a building’s windows. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Lois wonders if the undercover cop blunder could’ve been the work of the Blur. Clark tries to assuage the situation and reaffirms to Lois that the Blur wouldn’t do something like this and someone should allow him to explain himself. Lois is upset and says that she doesn’t know what to believe because the Blur hasn’t contacted her for awhile. An editor hands Lois the botched Blur story and as she leaves she starts disguising herself by putting a shawl on her head and sunglasses. Clark asks where she is headed off to in such a hurry, and Lois says that she was working on a top secret story and warns Clark not to follow her.
  • Shortly after we find Lois meeting with her psychiatrist, Dr. Evans. Lois is uneasy but Dr. Evans proceeds and asks Lois about the dreams she has been having. Lois explains that they seem so real and goes into detail that they involve her and Clark being naked. Dr. Evans makes an insightful observation that perhaps her dreams may have a deeper meaning which leads back to Lois’s mental block of the time she went missing. Before they can delve into the subject further, Lois receives a phone call on her cell phone (it’s the Blur). She ignores the call and Dr. Evans makes another observation that Lois seems to have strong feelings for the “mystery caller”, but Lois denies it. Then Dr. Evans suggests that instead of focusing her time on the “mystery caller”, she should focus on the man (Clark) right in front of her.
  • At watchtower, Clark is trying repeatedly to call Lois but she is not picking up her phone. Chloe explains to Clark that he shouldn’t expect Lois to pick up after ignoring her for so long. Clark explains that he hasn’t called Lois as the Blur since the John Corben/Metallo incident because he wanted to protect her from getting hurt. However, he believes that Lois is the only one who can tell the world that the Blur isn’t responsible for the botched drug bust. Chloe believes the problem goes deeper than that. She reveals to Clark whoever is posing as the Blur has botched 5 saves and they even developed a Blog, Twitter, and Facebook page for the Blur.
  • Later that evening, a crime is about to happen involving a jewel smuggler when a cougar jumps on the limo and ice appears on the ground causing the limo to swerve into a power tower. The cougar and ice revert into human form and thus we have the Wonder Twins, Jayna and Zan. They figure their latest caper will make the police forget their drug bust failure. The twins document their good deed by taking pictures and they also paint the Blur’s symbol (in order to give credit to the Blur) on the limo. Suddenly the power tower falls which causes a city-wide power outage.
  • The next day Lois and Clark investigate the crime scene where the District Attorney, Ray Sacks (Dylan Neal, “Dawson’s Creek”), is there boasting himself at the expense of the Blur in order to improve upon his campaign for Mayor. Lois is perplexed by the latest Blur blunder and Clark asks her if the Blur called in order to explain. Lois admits that the Blur called but she didn’t take the call. Lois then gets defensive and says that the Blur can’t expect her to just forget the fact that he has ignored her for weeks and be happy to take his call. Lois walks off in order to interview a possible witness when Clark hears a noise coming from the wreckage. He investigates and finds a bedazzled phone with a blue monkey on it.
  • At the Wonder Twins place, the twins are really antsy for screwing up again while Jayna mentions that she lost her phone. Suddenly Zan’s phone starts to ring and he finds that the caller id reads Jayna’s phone number. The twins are nervous and they believe they need to leave and just when they are about to activate their powers, Clark as the Blur rushes in and stops them.
  • The twins wake up in watchtower and they are greeted by Chloe. Chloe gives them a pep talk and tells them that she understands that they want to help, but they first need to make things right and to stay in watchtower until things settle down a bit (rather so they don’t get into more trouble).
  • At the planet, Lois is trying to write a story on a typewriter as the power is still out but the power is suddenly restored and just then her cell phone rings and it’s Clark calling as the Blur. Clark explains to Lois that he wasn’t behind all of the botches and he explains that they were the acts of misguided fans. Lois tells the Blur that he is risking a lot in order to protect his “fans” and that he should turn them in to the D.A. They get into a heated argument about second chances and the Blur tells Lois that she has to trust him, but at the close of their conversation – Clark’s cell phone breaks and his last words were in his own voice. Lois is stunned and recognizes Clark’s voice just as he hung up the phone. Lois knows Clark is the Blur!
  • The next day, Lois visits Clark at the farm and she acts all cool and apologizes to him for all of her Blur bashing for the last few days. Clark is a little confused and in a round about way says that the Blur would appreciate that “her faith in him never wavered.” Lois continues and says that they should carpool and on the way they can talk and get to know each other better. Clark then says that he knows plenty about her as she’s shared quite a bit of TMI (Too Much Information) info. with him in the past. Clark get suspicious and asks her what exactly is going on and Lois simply states: “she woke up this morning and for the first time she saw things clearly.” Before anyone can say another word, they hear the D.A. talking in the background on the TV stating that the Blur should come forth and reveal himself and work hand in hand with the police and stop his vigilante ways. Clark then makes an excuse for not car pooling and asks for a rain check. Lois simply nods and accepts it.
  • Lois then runs to her psychiatrist’s office and drives away the patient waiting to see Dr. Evans. Dr. Evans enters and is surprised to find Lois. Lois explains to Dr. Evans that she has found out that her “mysterious caller” and Clark are the same man and she is freaked out about it. Dr. Evans is skeptical, and asks Lois what’s more plausible the notion that Clark and the mystery caller are one in the same or perhaps that she is putting them together in order to make her ideal “dream man”? Lois chooses to ignore the question and talks out the qualities both the Blur and Clark share and then she admits that she just wants to help the Blur, and in a moment of clarity she comes up with an idea and exits quickly.
  • At the sight of the press conference, Chloe meets up with Clark and tells him that the twins are removing the social media sites and accounts related to the Blur. Chloe realizes that Clark plans to reveal himself as the Blur and advises him not to. Clark moves closer as the D.A. asks that the Blur come forward just as Lois climbs up on stage and says that the Blur needs to do what he has been doing without the interference of politics because his intentions are good and it’s what protects the people.
  • Later, Lois finds a rose on her desk and a thank you note telling her to go to the roof. When she gets there she finds the D.A. The D.A. wants to discredit the Blur and he shares his plans to murder Lois and blame the Blur for it as he has painted the Blur’s symbol on the roof. The D.A. brings in his muscle and they throw Lois off the roof, luckily Lois grasps onto a flag pole. Clark notices Lois is missing and sees her dangling on the flag pole and superspeeds to her. Jayna disguised as a lady bug sees this whole scene and flies back to watchtower to tell Zan what is happening. They debate if they should go and help (against Chloe’s wishes) but they decide that this is one of those moments where heroes act. With that they touch fists and activate their powers.
  • Clark stretches his hand in order to try to save Lois, but she can’t seem to reach. She tells him to let her go so that he doesn’t expose himself as the Blur with everyone watching below. Clark is confused at what she is saying just as a cloud of mist appears below. Lois loses her grip and begins descending to the ground as Clark superspeeds away. Lois’s fall is broken and she wakes up and she sees Clark approaching her. She thanks him and Clark says that he doesn’t deserve the credit for the save as he took the elevator down. In a nearby phonebooth, the phone starts to ring and Lois excuses herself and picks up the phone and it is the Blur’s voice on the other end telling her that she should be more careful. She then hangs up the phone and Clark walks up to her and asks who was on the other line and she said it was the Blur. The D.A. tries to flee the scene but when he enters his limo he finds a rottweiler aka Jayna preventing his escape.
  • The Wonder Twins are celebrating their victory back at their apartment when Clark superspeeds in and talks to them. He first cloaks himself in the shadows and then comes forth (in Blur attire) and tells them that he appreciated their help and tells them that the people don’t need more Blur fans, but people like them who want to help. He advises them to be more careful and that “heroes can’t make mistakes while the world is watching”.
  • Lois is back in therapy and she admits that she felt stupid for thinking Clark and the Blur were one in the same, but with all that has happened – all of her thoughts came back to Clark.
  • Back at watchtower Chloe makes a toast to Clark with a Superman memorabilia mug and informs him that the D.A. is going to jail. Clark asks her how she timed the phone call and how she replicated the Blur voice over. Chloe shows Clark that she used a program where she types sentences into a computer and it comes out in the synthesized Blur voice. Then Chloe admitted that she hacked into the exterior building security cameras and Lois’s cell phone which allowed her to time the phone booth call. Clark again feels like Chloe has stepped over the line by her latest privacy intrusion but she explains that she only stepped in because she was trying to throw Lois off the track that “Clark is a superhero” and she warns him to be more careful.
  • Later at the Planet, Clark asks Lois to meet him in the copy room and he reveals a secret to Lois. Clark puts on a pair of glasses and turns to her stating that he is near-sighted. Lois examines the glasses and tries them on and places them back in his shirt pocket and politely suggests that he wears contacts. She apologizes to him for projecting her feelings for the Blur onto him and Clark admits that it meant a lot to him that she thought of him as a hero. Lois starts to leave but she pauses, turns around, and clears up their unfinished business. She kicks a pile of tied newspapers to Clarks’s feet, climbs them, and kisses him. Clark is taken by surprise but kisses her back and Lois has a “Princess Diaries” moment and pops her leg while they kissed. Suddenly Lois begins seizing and she experiences more memories from the future including the red sun, Chloe’s death, and Clark being dragged away by Zod. She then passes out in Clark’s arms.

Next week’s episode is titled “Pandora” and we finally get to see what Lois saw first hand when she was in the future. Check out the promo trailer here as well as a scene from “Pandora”.

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