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“DWTS” will pay tribute to Patrick Swayze

Source: People

**UPDATE: Watch the Patrick Swayze tribute from “Dancing with the Stars” here.**

“Dancing with the Stars” Season 9 will begin on September 21, 2009. According to People, as part of the 3-Night Premiere, the show will honor Patrick Swayze on its live results show which will be held on Sept. 23rd. Read the full article on People.

In the second season of “Dancing with the Stars”, Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani danced their rendition of the “last dance” from the movie “Dirty Dancing”. “Dirty Dancing” is one of my all-time favorite movies and the “last dance” performed by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey will always be such an iconic and memorable scene in my mind.

RIP Patrick Swayze.

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Tweet the “Dancing with the Stars” Season 9 cast!

Now that the cast of Season 9 and their partners have been revealed, who will you be cheering for? Upon first glance, I would say that Mya and Dmitry will be the pair to watch. Mya’s dance background combined with Dmitry’s choreography will certainly be something to watch. In fact, Dmitry is nominated for an Emmy award this year for “Outstanding Choreography” for an Argentine Tango he choreographed on Season 4 of “So You Think You Can Dance”. Click here to watch Dmitry’s Emmy nominated piece which was performed by SYTYCD Season 4 winner Joshua Allen and DWTS own Chelsie Hightower.

As for the other contestants, I wouldn’t misjudge the power of the mirrorball trophy. Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas have both earned 2 mirrorball trophies, can one of them add a third? Derek Hough has one mirrorball trophy under his belt, can he get a 2nd win this season? Don’t forget that Alec Mazo was the first DWTS champ, so maybe with an Olympian on his side he can achieve another win. I also wouldn’t rule out the power of a fan base. In the last few seasons Derek, Julianne, Mark, and Lacey have emerged to be the audience favorites on more than one occasion, so I wouldn’t expect any of them (minus Julianne since she is taking a break this season) to leave the competition too early.

Entertainment Weekly ranked the Season 9 pairs and they chose Donny Osmond & Kym Johnson for the win. I think it is too early to tell seeing as we haven’t seen any of the pairs dance yet, although I’m not sure if I agree with Donny Osmond as being the Season 9 winner. Check out EW’s DWTS rankings here. Tune in on September 21, 2009 for night one for the 3-night “Dancing with the Stars” premiere.

Stay up to date with your favorite stars and dancers via Twitter! Click on your favorite and start following them on Twitter!
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Smallville Season 9 Promo Trailer!

Source: EW – Ausiello Files

**UPDATE: Smallville Season 9 Promo Trailer – “Vigilante” has now been embedded below.**

A brand new trailer for “Smallville” Season 9 has emerged and Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive look at the new promo trailer! Watch the full trailer after the rundown!

Here is the rundown of the full trailer:

The screen is dark and we hear Tom Welling’s (Clark Kent) voice narrate:
Clark Kent: “There is no Clark Kent”.

Clark is on top of a building sporting a new black trench coat outfit with a familiar “S” logo across his chest.

Clark Kent: “I wear the symbol to remind myself that I have a different destiny.”

::Fade In:: The September 25 Premiere Date appears. ::Fade Out::
Click to Continue Reading: Smallville Season 9 Promo Trailer

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Announcing The Dancing Stars!

Source: ABC
[clearspring_widget title=”Announcing The Dancing Stars!” wid=”48bda4baaf82f1d1″ pid=”4a895a56e8ffa013″ width=”308″ height=”235″ domain=”widgets.abc.go.com”]

**UPDATE: According to TVGuide.com, Pro pairings will be announced on August 24, 2009 — STAY TUNED!**

**UPDATE 2: Updating the celebrity/professional pairs as I find them. Check back from time to time for updates — STAY TUNED! Latest pairing is Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson announced on last night’s edition of Entertainment Tonight **

**UPDATE 3: Tom DeLay posted a “sneak peek” video of what he might look like dancing with Cheryl Burke. See the video below (prepare to laugh).**

**UPDATE 4: I found all the pairs minus one (a few more discovered via @DWTSGossip on Twitter. Macy Gray is the only one that remains. Could her partner be Jonathan Roberts or a newcomer?**

**UPDATE 5: Last DWTS pairing found via @paparazzo504 on Twitter. All 16 pairs have been updated below.**

**UPDATE 6: All 16 pairs have been confirmed by OK Magazine. See the official pairings below!**

**SPOILER 1: Natalie Coughlin tweeted that she is partnered with Alec Mazo. Follow @NatalieCoughlin on Twitter.**

**SPOILER 2: Maksim Chmerkovskiy tweeted that his celebrity partner is Debi Mazar. Follow @MaksimC on Twitter.**

**SPOILER 3: Found several more pairings via Aceshowbiz.com. Updates made below.**

**SPOILER 4: More pairs revealed via Access Hollywood. Updates made below.**

**SPOILER 5: Another pair leaked via Realitytvworld.com. That must mean that Chelsie Hightower is paired with Louie Vito by process of elimination.**

The stage is set and the cast of “Dancing with the Stars” Season 9 have been announced! This year’s contestant highlights include a former House majority leader, swimsuit models, singers, and more! This season of “Dancing with the Stars” will premiere on Monday, September 21, 2009.

Here is the cast of “Dancing with the Stars” Season 9:
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Smallville Season 9 Sneak Peek

Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville - Image courtesy of CWTV.com

Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville - Image courtesy of CWTV.com

Can you believe that “Smallville” is heading into its 9th season? I’ve watched “Smallville” from the beginning and in my opinion, Season 8 was the best season ever and the finale was certainly a cliffhanger. A sneak peek of Season 9 premiered at Comic-Con and I am definitely looking forward to the premiere. Some of the footage includes our first look at Zod played by Callum Blue (“The Tudors”) and Metallo played by Brian Austin Green (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”).

According to TV by the Numbers, the Season 9 premiere of “Smallville” is set for September 25, 2009. Mark your calendars! 🙂

Click to Continue: Smallville Season 9 Sneak Peek Videos


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